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How To Sell

How to Sell on NEOCITI

  1. On the main page, click on the User icon.
  2. Click Continue under 'New to NEOCITI'.
  3. Fill in your details and click Sign Up. After successfully signed up, wait for a confirmation email and click on the verify link.
  4. After successfully verified, login with your details, go to the category you wish to sell on, click on the drop down list under your username, and select Become Seller.
    (Please note that you have to register to become seller on each category individually e.g if you intend to sell on NEO Fashion & NEO Electronics, you will have to register Become Seller under NEO Fashion and register Become Seller under NEO Electronics individually, with same username or different username at your preference.)
  5. Fill up the details of your business/company/organization etc. Select Seller if intend selling to NEOCITI Members, or select Wholesaler if you intend to sell in bulk quantity to NEOCITI Biz/Reseller. (For more information about differentiation and functionality of the types of Users (e.g., Members, Biz, Reseller, Wholesaler), kindly refer to our Users Guide. Make sure you upload all the required documents, please refer to our Users Guide for documents needed. (You may select multiple files and upload altogether at once. Please Do NOT upload files one by one, as it will replace the previous uploaded file.)

    After successfully submitted your details and forms, please allow 24 hours for approval. You will receive a confirmation email once approved.