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  1. What are the available payment methods?
    All transactions in NEOCITI will be done with credit cards / debit cards / Paypal or through online banking. If installment is required, the buyer will have to check with their respective bank directly. All payment will be done in NEOCITI, so there will be no 'Cash on Delivery (COD)'.
  2. How can I know if my payment was successful or fail?
    A SMS notification will be sent to you within 24 hours after you have made your order on NEOCITI.
  3. Which credit cards are accepted for payment?
    NEOCITI accepts all Visa and MasterCard, both Credit and Debit, and is fully secured with our payment gateway. All your credit card information is protected by means of industry leading encryption standards.

    Please note that additional charges may be incurred if you are using a non-Malaysian issued card due to Foreign Exchange.
  4. What happened if I was charged with wrong amount in my order?
    Some item that you have selected might incur a shipping surcharge or bulky fee. All these charges will be reflected on your order summary before you make your payment. Buyers are advised to check if the product that you wish to buy comes with any shipping surcharges.

    Usually wrong amount billed rarely happens unless wrong quantity was keyed in. If such case happened, please contact our NEOCITI Support immediately at [email protected]
  5. Do you keep my credit card details?
    All your credit card information after your order will be submitted to the bank directly. We do not keep your credit card details. We value your security and privacy, all transactions happened within a secured environment.
  6. Where can I request an official receipt?
    Usually the goods received comes with a receipt, if you did not receive any, you may contact us at [email protected] so we can assist you in getting your receipt.